We Are Single. (2)

Being in this modern era, everyone still struggles with understanding the female archetype as a main character.

Post three separate waves of feminism people wonder,

“What does it mean to be a woman in these times? How we really connect with our inner feminine side? How do we set the standard for ourselves and show the world the real power of a woman

Where do we take our stories of love and what is the correct calculation of coupling up? What constitutes a perfect pair among the puzzle of partnership?

How much should women expect from a realistic relationship and when did the idea of soul mates become a thing of the past?

Are we really supposed to believe that we only have one flame of love to spark a parallel with us? Or is our independent internal interconnection the only relationship that’s relative?

We have all asked the questions because we are not alone. Together we share our stories to rise as an infinite one.

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Hi I’m Victoria Leigh Antis. I love to write. These pages of personal posts are proof of that and as we travel these tales in this journal of a journey, please share the good, the bad, and the ugly truth.

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