Serve Me Up One of HIM!

Not too hot not too cold because for this foreign invader to be able to penetrate our princess’ palace the chemistry must be just right. Don’t get it mixed up, we experiment with the mixture. Try to calculate out any remaining factors but the common denominator is this: we want it in his kiss. Like a love song by a fabulous diva, if you want to know if he loves you so! Sure there could be fireworks of heat between two people but the hotness can just as easily evaporate into a faded sparkle while Mr.Sizzling slithers over to the next sale. We could be totally in love with a person only to find the lust died and Larry laid with Linda. So then what?

Be practical, logical, go with your reason. Your heart drove you down the gutter, but this time your mind is in the driver seat. Back on the road to success, the offers being thrown at us come from every corner and side street, but we stay in our lane. Normally the next stop on our destination is anything but the location we mapped out. Even more aimless the target we hit is usually a pit stop or worst a bump in the road! But for the sake of an argument let’s say we meet Mr.Right just as our engine is on empty, isn’t it absolutely wrong of us not to consider the longevity of our travels? We could of clicked-in all the necessary seat belts, have our airbags ready to go, but still we wouldn’t go anywhere without some gas in the tank. Not to mention Mr.Right is not Mr.Perfect so there’s bound to be general maintenance to be done, and who’s going to the shop for a mechanic when there’s no fuel? Even without switching the gear to drive we question it’s durability.

And ironically the next in the assembly line of possible suitors always tends to be the most polarized to the last relationship we gone through. With so many bouncing thoughts going back and forth, from this guy to someone else, testing one extreme to the next. We commit the number one deadly single girl sin: we compare and contrast. We couldn’t help it if we tried, we need to have more than faith to ensure that the chemical combination will leave us in the right climate for incubation. We search and research all the data to maintain the proper conditions of an environment that may facilitate the ideal relationship.

The perfect temperature is normally your middle man.

He’s the man right in the middle. Not too sweet, not too bitter, not too boring, not too fun, he’s at the midpoint. Directly in the center of all our needs, and even more appropriate he’s always exactly on time. Not too soon after a breakup but also not too late when we already have a husband and kids. He’s a timeless opportunity, the American Dream for women all over the world! And he’s completely fictional. Made up in our heads like a fairytale ending. The princess in a tower doesn’t always get rescued by her prince, sometimes she’s left there to be burned by her own inner beast or worst left to wrinkle away in time.

At the risk of being devoured by our own mental demons or becoming bleak and lifeless from using up our eggs, is there a gamble to picking the flower petals, “He loves me, He loves me not?” Funny enough sometimes when we play this little girl’s game we actually question, “Do I love him, do I love him not?”  Pick another petal and make a wish, we don’t all get a happy ending. Cup of coffee anyone?


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