Happily Ever After.

We have all heard of the fairytale, the one where the prince slays the dragon and saves the princess. The last lines in those stories are always, “And they lived happily ever after.” Happily ever after in reality is not that difficult to achieve. No man is defeating a giant beast to get into your pants and even more perplexing he doesn’t even have to put a ring on it to get his way. Instead courting has become a thing of confusing crossroads a bunch of unperceived obstacles of yes or no. It would seem like an empowering feat for us women, yet most of us girls are just trying to discern what rings our bell as truth. We try on and change men like clothes in a dressing room all to find the right fit. Then suddenly out of complete random chance we find it, the perfect outfit that hugs our specific curvy figure just right. This is otherwise known as our first real love. We fantasize our wedding day, the house will have, and even names we may call our future kids. But what really happens after happily ever after, is we begin to discover it’s really more significant what actually happens after. Does Prince Charming have any unusual corks? Are you not such a pretty pretty princess after all? What witchcraft can be done to sustain a healthy hot and heavy union? Do we need some kind of magic spell to make him spellbound for life? And what about us, can we preserve our passion through the perils of partnership? How long does love last between two lusting lurkers, and how well does it hold up against a couple paired on practicality? At first thought one may say a relationship built on lust is a shakier foundation but the fundamentals in a combined team make the separation from friends to lovers. Some people say, “it’s better to marry someone who loves you more.” Doesn’t that thought seem a bit bleak. It’s a dark life when one sets themselves up to be engaged in a commitment one does not really love, especially when that promise is for life. “To death till we part,” we say but what death are we referring to, his, her’s, or their love? 


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